Dana is one of the highest caliber live performers to play the show, a great writer, an arresting vocal talent, capped by serious chops on the guitar…world class instrumentalists supporting a talented world class vocalist songwriter, Dana Edelman’s latest effort ‘Blue Roses’ makes for a tasty eloquent body of articulate tunes.Chris Darling - Host / Producer Us Folk 90.9 & 104.1 FM WMPG
…a wonderful album that’s ideal listening… Dana Edelman’s soulful voice, collection of warm acoustic guitar sounds, savory rhythms and luminous horns… [Blue Roses} is essential bloom for your musical garden.Catherine Michaels - Host / Night Rhythms 100.7FM WHUD
His style is a timeless form of American music that touches on folk, soul, jazz, roots and blues. There are some really beautiful songs on offer here, with ‘Mindgames’ and the title track particularly fine. The record also sounds amazing…a superb release, and one you really ought to check out.Zeitgeist - The-Rocker.co.uk
What a privilege it was to hear Dana Edelman and His Slammin’ Band at the Grange on Tuesday night. All the songs were written by Dana, his lyrical content, catchy music and amazing voice make him an extraordinary singer-songwriter. Accompanied by the confidence of seasoned professionals; the brilliant drummer Victor Jones, virtuoso musicianship of Chris Foley’s electric lead guitar, the tasteful bass perfectly executed by Eric Johnson the evening was a truly affecting musical event. One of the concert goers favorite moments was when Jaiden, Dana’s twelve year old son, came on stage and sang two duets harmonizing with his father. The West Tisbury Library Foundation is grateful to Dana Edelman and His Slammin’ Band for a magical, musical evening.West Tisbury Library Foundation, West Tisbury, MA
A full-moon Musical Monday at Featherstone …This week’s concert featured Dana Edelman & His Slammin’ Band, five guys — a few locals and a couple of New Yorkers — who seem to know each other inside and out. Never mind the chattin’ and chillin’ before the concert though, they came out of the gates with high energy once they hit the stage. Their sound was twangy folk, with added waves of rhythm and blues. They opened with an original love song, as Dana smoothly crooned about “ruby hair, reflecting off the sun and moon everywhere.” Soon after, they impressively rocked a Bill Withers song, “Grandma’s Hands,” which might’ve swept every grandma off her feet, with its graceful yet edgy lyrics about the power and love of a grandmother….mvtimes.com | http://www.mvtimes.com/2015/07/01/a-full-moon-musical-monday-at-featherstone/
As his video passes 38,500 views on YouTube in less than two months, Dana Edelman talks with Patch in ‘You Athol’ Songwriter Says ‘Sorry, Barre.’Martha’s Vineyard Patch - Jan. 16, 2014 | http://marthasvineyard.patch.com/groups/weekend-planner/p/you-athol-songwriter-says-sorry-barre